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Real Time Competition- Sudoku

Hello everybody!!
I was wondering if someone knows if there is any site where we can play against other players, or even in a cooperative way, but in real time?

It would really be fun to

It would really be fun to play online with other players. Just like playing counterstrike and final fantasy. If you can check the website www.mamma.com maybe you can find it there. It's actually a search engine. And I always find what I'm looking for when I used that search engine. Good luck to you. Hope that engine helps.

A sudoku site with Top player list

Have not seen such site yet but you can beat the time of every puzzle post at sudoku.17kao.com.cn/sudoku/jsp/main.htm in mandarin text. Good luck!

another tournament

Has anyone seen the wesite www.sudokuchampions.com ??
It looks like a ntional sudoku tournament in the US with a $50,000 grand prize.

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Issues at sudokuchampions.com

I took a look at sudokuchampions.com and it is an interesting website except ... they have used content from Wikipedia, this website and SuDoku World's Contest without paying credits. This fact is commonly known as plagiarism. I wish them luck with their tournament, but I wonder how fair the contest will be.

Puzzle iT has released the Sudoku content in the first half of 2005 and the online SuDoku Contest has been running since December, 2005.


Thanks for viewing our website. As the tournament organizer I can assure you that all of the contests will be conducted very fairly. With the amount of money that it is costing to host this tournament, we cannot afford for it not to be fair.

Concerning the pagiarism, I do apologize and this is in the process of being resolved. The About Sudoku "Introduction" page does have the reference crediting Wikipedia as the source. he other dropdowns from the About Sudoku dropdown list originally appeared on that same page. When they were split up, the credit was not added to the individual pages. I thank you for pointing this out.

As for other content, we are open to further suggestions as it is our goal to make the site, and the tournament, a very user friendly experience. Sudoku provides fun for millions of puzzlers and we look forward to helping to bring this fun together through an interactive experience.

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The idea promoted by your

The idea promoted by your website it is a very interesting one.
I strongly believe that we can support each other in our activity regarding sudoku contest, through link-exchange, ideas, etc.
On the other hand, I have spoken with our technical specialist, we can offer you a better approach in terms of web design, and optimisation of the website meant it to promote your website on top of search engines.
We have appreciated the fact that you have revised the website and have put the references, as it is normally done.
I would like to wish you good luck with your project and to tell you again that you are always welcome to ask for support or to come with ideas of co-operation.

Kind regards,



Parmena -

Thank you for your kind words and support. If you have any ideas for support I would be happy to discuss them with you. Link exchanges have been the single most effective source for us so far.

As far as web design we are pretty set with the one we currently have for now...we are still making adjustments to it daily. However, as we begin to plan for next year's tournement there may be some opportunity for us to work together.

Kind regards,


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