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3D Logic

3D Logic

3-D Logic looks very similar to Rubik's Cube but much more challenging. It involves colors and squares on a cube, but it's a very different beastie; this game makes you rethink every approach you make.

Click on the main color squares to change the color of the grey squares. Use this ability to link colors into chains. Like many great games, this takes a simple idea and makes it compelling.


Fascinating Logical Flash game by Alexei Matveev from Minsk, Belarus. Try it to test your IQ level! Probably it's the best free online game to be played in recent times.


Link every pair of like-colored markers to complete a cube. You cannot link cells diagonally. If you break an existing link reselect the broken link color by clicking on one of the two markers, then plug the gaps. Black cells are blocked.


Left click for single square select. Left click and hold to select more than one square. Move mouse around cube to rotate it. To play the game click 'Start':)

Download 3D Logic.

Level 17



how can i do level 17??? plsss help..:D

level 2 is so hard man

wat is god doing to me!
i so cant do it
its turning me depresssed
im not gana give up till i complete level 2
peace out homies!

level 23 help

how can i do level 23


me too, level 23 so hard.

rjesica27's picture

level 13&15

I keep getting stuck on one or the other. I keep forgetting level 13.

answer to number 23

Beaniegel what is the answer to number 23

level 23


wow this is hard can anyone help please

3d logic

never mind i'm done

level 16

Im stuck on level 16.....can someone help me!!

Florian's picture

Here you are the solution

Here you are the solution for level 16:
Level 6 of 3D-Logic


I have been looking for

I have been looking for sites like this for a long time. Thank you.

need help

this one has had me stumped for 3 hours i am getting tired can you help me please level 23

level 10

i need help in level 10...kan sum1 tell me how 2 do it or post a picture


Very cool design! I find very interesting information at this article, thanks!

level 23

anyone knows how to finish this level (23)?????

Level 16

please help me im so confused if u have a pix of it please post it its taking me hours! :[


After level 16, it went fast.


wow i can't get past level 16... some reson i got stuck there. can someone help me pass that level or something. cuz i dont think im gonna want 2 give up. it's such a fun game to play. so i just want to know how to pass this one level... lol... im just so stupid sometimes but i do have my moments...


Completed! :)

how do you do lev 23

don't mind this

Level 16

Damn am I stupid or what? I can only get to level 16...arrr

Level 30

Just got through to the end folks. I have copies of them all if anyone needs them . . . but there WAS great satisfaction in doing them without any reference to "The List"

id like to know how to do

never mind i got it

Lvl 16

Hey, lvl 16.. its got me stumped, help please,


Level 16

Purple over orange and under yellow then outside left edge - good luck!

Very useful article and very

Very useful article and very interesting design, thanks !


What you be smoking Wombie?


Level 23

i CANNOT get past level 23, i have been trying for at least a week! help pleeaseE?

Level 23 Solved!

spent bout 45mins reaching lvl 19.. stucked there for bout 15-20mins then proceeded smoothly to lvl 23 and got stucked there for an hour and solved it finally!

Level 24

how can i go straight back to previous levels?

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