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3D Logic

3D Logic

3-D Logic looks very similar to Rubik's Cube but much more challenging. It involves colors and squares on a cube, but it's a very different beastie; this game makes you rethink every approach you make.

Click on the main color squares to change the color of the grey squares. Use this ability to link colors into chains. Like many great games, this takes a simple idea and makes it compelling.


Fascinating Logical Flash game by Alexei Matveev from Minsk, Belarus. Try it to test your IQ level! Probably it's the best free online game to be played in recent times.


Link every pair of like-colored markers to complete a cube. You cannot link cells diagonally. If you break an existing link reselect the broken link color by clicking on one of the two markers, then plug the gaps. Black cells are blocked.


Left click for single square select. Left click and hold to select more than one square. Move mouse around cube to rotate it. To play the game click 'Start':)

Download 3D Logic.

Level 23

The game here has only 22 levels .. as far as I know. What game did you tried?


Level 23

im sorry but your wrong. i didnt get the game thru this site ... i got it thru newgrounds.com. i am looking at level 23 right now and i am totally stumped.

Level 23

I'm with you all. It's beyond me! I get them all except the one that is on the top right hand corner of the left face. I can get all but 2 squares away by coming left horizontally from it's partner on the right face. If I could just travel 2 squares up on the left side of the right face it would be all in ....... grrrr! When are we getting the solutions to this one? I've wasted too many hours already!! :(

I TAKE IT BACK... I GOT IT OUT! If I knew how to post a picture I would show you!

level 6

i need help with it plz

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Your answer ...

Here you are the solution for level 6. In the nearest future I will post the solutions for the entire game. I am afraid it is not a good idea to cripple such an interesting game doing that.

Level 6 of 3D-Logic

Good luck!

the ans to stage 6

it seems impossible plz tell me

3d logic

how do u get past level 19? been trying it for ages

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the ans to stage 19

there you go.

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Your picture

How the heck did you do that? Insert the picture I mean??

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