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New and exciting creative puzzles, books and tests with Aha! answers designed by Lloyd King, author of Test Your Creative Thinking.

Original creative puzzles, books and tests with "aha!" answers designed by Lloyd King, author of 'Test Your Creative Thinking'. There's also a fun selection of games, riddles and jokes. But, if you just want to chill out, there's an art gallery too.

A1 Puzzles and Crosswords
Interactive Crosswords, Jigsaw Puzzles and Trivia.

A Crafty Puzzle Company - Handmade Teak Wood Collapsible Puzzles for the whole family, which will test your IQ and lateral thinking.

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Connections, Healing Jigsaw Puzzles - unique and beautiful jigsaw puzzles with the power to heal through self awareness and meditation - www.connectionspuzzles.com.

Custom Photo Jigsaw Puzzles
Personal Custom made jigsaw puzzle. Family Jigsaw puzzle games, a gift to all the family or a "To You from You Jigsaw Puzzle Present" to help you relax - www.iconpuzzles.com

Directory Recreation

Directory Recreation
A place with lots of links to various recreational places.

Daily Jigsaws - solve a new online jigsaw puzzle every day; on your computer or tablet (iPad, Android). All puzzle games come with five difficulty levels, piece rotation, save/load options and can be played in fullscreen, no downloads, apps to install or registration is required.

Eric Solomon is a prolific and talented game inventor, website designer, cutting-edge programmer, and champion sportsman. His superb website shows many of his publications, and java applets let you play several original games online, or even buy them. There's also a highly selective list of links to other great sites.

elogIQ, a Division of Prosoft Software Inc., has developed a series of amazing 3D puzzles with moving/ interchangeable parts. See Cmetrick - A new brain teaser puzzle from elogIQ.

Godzilla and Gamera Toys - Extremecollectables.com is a leading provider of Godzilla, Gamera, Dragonball Z and many other anime toys, action figures and collectibles. Visit our anime toy store for a huge selection of Evangelion, Gundam, Robotech and Zoids toys and figures.

Game Intellect

Here you will find new and unique online games & puzzles, such as: Tet-a-Tetris, Japan Puzzles, SquareWord, Alphabetic Maze, Express Maze, Nim, Rhumb Line. The list of the games is growing continuously, so we suggest you to visit this excellent web site from time to time.

The Enigmatic World of Philip Carter
A wonderland of puzzles, quizzes and articles from this prolific author of quiz, puzzle and IQ test books.

Mahjong Solitaire
Play a unique version of Mahjong Solitaire online for free and get loads of other information about Mahjong.

Ed Pegg Jr.'s website of fascinating and beautiful mathematical puzzles is replete with links to other interesting sites, contests, discoveries, on-going research, and news about other math and puzzle people. Visit Ed's "Mathpuzzle" pages and share the excitement.

Games Play UK.com is a British company that helps inventors find manufacturers and will give a free, forthright appraisal of the potential of your idea. They serve as agents to try to place the idea with a manufacturer, and, if needed, will even build the prototype at the inventor's expense.

3SmartCubes.com - IQ Tests
Check out our range of PhD certified Personality, IQ, Aptitude & other Self-Assessment Tests. We also have loads of other fun tests that you would love.

IQ Test
Have queries about IQ, IQ Tests, IQ Scores? Want to know if you are a Genius or what it takes to be a Genius? Get all your queries answered here on IQTestExperts.com.

Jigsaw Puzzles & Jigsaw Puzzle Accessories
Largest variety of jigsaw puzzles, jigsaw puzzle accessories & classic games at the best prices. Offers classic jigsaw puzzles & newly released puzzles & games like - Ravensburger, FX Schmid, White Mountain, SunsOut, Ceaco, Milton Bradley & more.

Jigsaw Puzzles Now
Thousands of free online Jigsaw Puzzles updated every weekday.

Kadon Enterprises
These folks make and sell an outstanding selection of "gamepuzzles for the joy of thinking". They specialize in lasercut acrylic and handcrafted wood designs. You'll want to visit the Puzzle Parlor and read The Life of Games puzzle journal. Be sure you say hello to Kate and Dick while you're there!

Karl Scherer, a prolific inventor, calls his website "Atlantis Games, Art & Books". Karl creates fractal art by computer (browsing his online gallery is a joy); designs computer games and chess variants with the Zillions-of-Games system (over 100 for free download); writes books; makes jewelry; devises brainteasers and riddles (many published in the Journal of Recreational Mathematics); composes poetry (mostly in German); and builds mechanical puzzles. Karl sells the books, jewelry, puzzles and art posters. The poetry is free online.

Milan Vodicka owns an excellent Czech website dedicated to serious puzzlers. Milan has a huge collection of puzzles and he is interested in puzzle exchange, as well.

Mind Bluff - optical illusions, brain teasers, fun riddles, tactile tricks, mental games, and unusual self-deceptions.

Puzzlecraft by Steve Strickland and Susan McIntosh is a beautiful website, complete with a puzzle store of their classic handcrafted wood puzzles, a puzzle bookstore, and a section on famous puzzle challenges and solutions. They have also published a CD-ROM with a huge collection of pentomino problems and solutions.

Puzzle World is the Internet's most extensive mechanical puzzle site, managed by John Rausch, who personally knows just about everyone in the world of puzzles. The site includes links to many collectors, puzzle designers and sources, and is laid out beautifully and intelligently.

Riddles & Brain Teasers Think Riddles.com is a collection of hard to find riddles, fun riddles & brain teasers.

STReightâ„¢ - a great gambling system based on a simple math principle.

The Chronicles of Calormen website is an unbelievable piece of "history" operated by Joshua & Susan Bell. In the Magic Polyhedra Patent Page there is an up to date collection of the most interesting 3d puzzle patents and cube-related resources, including patents held by dr. Catalin Florian Radut, the owner of Puzzle-iT web site.

Uwe Meffert has built a beautiful website as a world resource for puzzles. He's the inventor of the Pyraminx and many other well-known sequential movement puzzles. Meffert's was also a sponsor of the Mind Sports Olympiad for the year 2000. His site has a large number of links to other interesting puzzle-related sites, and you can buy his puzzles online.

WoW Leveling Guide This site includes tons of great WoW guides such as, gold guides, profession guides, WoW leveling guide, and much more.

Word Search Addict Free online word search puzzles and printable word search puzzles.

Blue Rabbit

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