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SuDoku Mania TV Show - TV format, synopsis

More than a SuDoku puzzle.

SuDoku Mania Show


SuDoku Mania - Synopsis
Game show /puzzle
(2 x 30-45 minutes, prime time access)

The numbers game that is driving everybody mad has now all the ingredients for a successful game show. Six from the competitors who have sent the correct solution of the interactive puzzle shall try to win the big prize. Solving the SuDoku during the TV show seems to be a piece of cake comparing with the access in the cube containing the prize which shall decrease with each attempt. Meanwhile, viewers at home are kept involved with an additional SuDoku to be solved in order to enter the TV contest. The format has the advantage of a wide targeted audience and it is very flexible in terms of duration and prizes scheme. It can be produced off-air with a low budget.

The format rights are available worldwide.

The Format Recognition And Protection Association


If you want to see the full format script, please send us an email.


this game is really nice, it makes your brain work & kills time
having it on a TV show is a real good idea, i am a heavy watcher, i like to watch free tv shows , especially the comic ones, i think i will be a fan of your show

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I was reading your info.. It’s really nice..

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I was reading your info.. It’s really nice..


I like your information. I am working now. But, when i was studying i did sudoku in my free time. i like this game. it is funny and interesting game.

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