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Hexa Puzzle - solve online the most original and addictive puzzle game


From the creators of Puzzle iT the most original and addictive puzzle game enters a new dimension of fun!

Hexa uses a puzzle set of twelve pieces and a game board which can be completely filled using only nine pieces. The pieces may be played with either face uppermost, and the different shapes are labeled from 1 to 12. The purpose of the puzzle is to fill the board with any nine pieces.

3D Logic

3D Logic

3-D Logic looks very similar to Rubik's Cube but much more challenging. It involves colors and squares on a cube, but it's a very different beastie; this game makes you rethink every approach you make.

Click on the main color squares to change the color of the grey squares. Use this ability to link colors into chains. Like many great games, this takes a simple idea and makes it compelling.

Noughts and Crosses (Tic Tac Toe) DHTML Game - history and statistics

The History of Noughts and Crosses
(The history of Tic Tac Toe)

Noughts and Crosses is a game that has been played for several centuries - even if it's precise history seems unknown. The game has become known (perhaps more popularly) as Tic Tac Toe in American English.

It may be that the ancient Roman game of Terni Lapilli was an identical game although the evidence is somewhat mixed. It is certainly true that identical grids to the noughts and crosses grid have been found scratched and etched into surfaces all over the ancient Roman empire.

However not a single Nought or Cross has been found to confirm the link. It seems probable that Terni Lapilli was played with simple pieces and may have been played with the same rules.

Noughts and Crosses statistics
(Tic Tac Toe Statistics)

Considering the symmetry of the grid, there are 26,830 possible games of noughts and crosses - not bad for a three by three grid.

The player going first could potentially be faced by as many as 304 different non winning board positions in the first four moves.


A puzzle is a problem or enigma presented as entertainment; that is written down, acted out, etc. Many puzzles stem from serious mathematical or logistical problems, whereas others are devised for the sole purpose of being brain teasers. The history of puzzles goes back many thousand years, a tangram being one of the earliest and still one of the most popular puzzles. In certain temples of Japan monks used to write mathematical puzzles on temple walls.

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