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Hexa Puzzle - solve online the most original and addictive puzzle game


From the creators of Puzzle iT the most original and addictive puzzle game enters a new dimension of fun!

Hexa uses a puzzle set of twelve pieces and a game board which can be completely filled using only nine pieces. The pieces may be played with either face uppermost, and the different shapes are labeled from 1 to 12. The purpose of the puzzle is to fill the board with any nine pieces.

3D Logic

3D Logic

3-D Logic looks very similar to Rubik's Cube but much more challenging. It involves colors and squares on a cube, but it's a very different beastie; this game makes you rethink every approach you make.

Click on the main color squares to change the color of the grey squares. Use this ability to link colors into chains. Like many great games, this takes a simple idea and makes it compelling.


A puzzle is a problem or enigma presented as entertainment; that is written down, acted out, etc. Many puzzles stem from serious mathematical or logistical problems, whereas others are devised for the sole purpose of being brain teasers. The history of puzzles goes back many thousand years, a tangram being one of the earliest and still one of the most popular puzzles. In certain temples of Japan monks used to write mathematical puzzles on temple walls.

12,000 Ravensburger "Creation of Adam" jigsaw puzzle open to offers

this is a very rare jigsaw, it's no longer produced, an amazing opportunity to aquire this master piece. Puzzle has not been done, all pieces still in bags.

The box contains 3 bags, each with around 4,000 pieces, you can opt to mix the bags or complete the puzzle in 3 parts, then join up. The full complete size of puzzle is 2.85m wide, 1.38m high.

Please contact if interested. Open to reasonable offers in British Pounds GBP £.

I can post worldwide too!

Introducing myself

Hello, puzzle lovers. I'm Kate Jones, president of Kadon Enterprises, Inc., creators of "gamepuzzles for the joy of thinking" since 1980.

I've had the great pleasure of meeting Dr. Florian Radut during a visit to Romania, when he was just starting out in the puzzle world. His enthusiasm for puzzles and his energy for creating an outstanding website devoted to puzzles were impressive. Congratulations, Florian, for achieving Puzzle-It.


i wants to increase my creativity and inovation power.I think that this is one of the best way to make your mind upto date, through puzzels.

4x4x4 Logic Cube - based on a 1992 Romanian patent

>> 4x4x4 Logic Cube

4x4x4 Logic Cube is based on a 1992 Romanian patent and is more reliable and durable then the Hungarian version.

This puzzle is a more daunting challenge than the 3x3x3 cube. The number of pieces is far greater, and there are no "fixed" pieces to serve as a reference.

Falling Marbles - 3D puzzles involving a cube and 26 balls only

>> Falling Marbles

Logic Cube with Balls (Falling Marbles) is a puzzle based on a 1992 Romanian patent and is a very simple but challenging mechanical puzzle.

The main idea of the puzzle is to have a transparent cube or any other regular polyhedron filled with a number of moving pieces, balls or cubes (27 balls, for example). If we consider only 26 balls in a transparent cube, there is an empty space (the place of the missing ball), which makes it possible to move the balls by rotating the puzzle.

Cubes in Line - Three-dimensional Game

Cubes in Line can be played by two or more persons, depending on the version. The players have to place pieces, one by one, trying to obtain a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line of the same color. The objective of the game is to make more horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines of the same color.

Balls in Line - 3x3x3 Tridimensional Logic Game

3D Balls in Line can be played by two persons. The players have to place pieces into the game ducts, one by one, trying to obtain a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line of the same color. The objective of the game is to make the most such lines.

Rules for "3 balls in line"
The players have to place the pieces, one by one, in any of the ducts (holes), trying to obtain a lines of three pieces horizontal, vertical, or diagonal of the same color. The winner will be the player who make the most complete lines.

As a particularity of this 3x3 logic game, the player who placed the central piece, which can became hidden during the game, must claim that by saying "central". The rest of the pieces are completely visible during the game.

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