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SuperCube - a 64 pieces 3D puzzle

Pieces geometryPieces geometry
How to generate the pieces

SuperCube is made by eight pieces with same volume but different shapes.

The pieces are generated from a cube by detaching a prism and then glued in different positions.

A very simple cutting method can generate 116 pieces. This enables the building of 3D Puzzles with 27, 64 or more differently shaped pieces of the same volume. The pieces can be made of wood or plastic.

The puzzle was named SuperCube because of the complex puzzles that can be generated with the 116 pieces set. Puzzles with more pieces are much more difficult to solve.

To solve the puzzle the pieces must be arranged to obtain a cube or any other symmetrical shape. The average time to solve the eight piece puzzle should not exceed 30-40 minutes.

SuperCube pieces

Solved Puzzle


  SuperCube details (pdf)
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