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3D Puzzles - same volume and different shapes polyhedral pieces

Most of puzzles in this group comprise polyhedral pieces with the same volume but different shapes. If two pieces have the same shape then their color is not the same. The pieces are generated by cutting a regular polyhedron - such as a cube.

To generate pieces starting from a cube, the cube is cut into cubes or other polyhedrons, which are then recombined. The difficulty of the puzzle is governed by the shape of the pieces and, of course, by the number of the pieces in the puzzle. Completely different shaped pieces in a puzzle may produce unique solutions. If two pieces in a puzzle have the same shape there are probably two or more solutions.

Puzzle iT

The target is to arrange (assemble) the scrambled pieces into a regular polyhedron or geometrical volume.

With one exception, all the 3D puzzles presented here have only eight pieces generated from a cube and the solution is a cube too. Of course, other solutions are possible. Versions with more pieces (for example 27, 64, 125 pieces) are much more difficult to solve.

Radut's Cube
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