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SuperBALL - TV Format, synopsis

Prizes for all!

SuperBALL Show


SuperBALL Show - Synopsis
Gambling show, interactive show with prizes
(1 x 90 minutes, prime time)

InfiniBALL Demo The show is based on a new concept originated back in the spring of 2005 "InfiniBALL" playable in Casinos as well as in special designated halls, on the Internet, but mostly as a lottery game or as a TV show. There is a certain number of balls in a certain number of colours that form lines by random draw, establishing the value of the prize.

We have some orange and blue balls; we mix them and withdraw half of them, meaning one draw. And there are many draws; it is obviously there are prizes for all. The players put a small amount and win 10 times more and SuperBAL is un unlimited jackpot. Meanwhile, TV spectators are kept involved with phones ringing and being called, sending SMS, etc., for various prizes. Moreover, the game works using any communication channel, Internet, WAP, creating a daily perpetual breath taking. Parmena & Florian

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