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Introducing myself

Hello, puzzle lovers. I'm Kate Jones, president of Kadon Enterprises, Inc., creators of "gamepuzzles for the joy of thinking" since 1980.

I've had the great pleasure of meeting Dr. Florian Radut during a visit to Romania, when he was just starting out in the puzzle world. His enthusiasm for puzzles and his energy for creating an outstanding website devoted to puzzles were impressive. Congratulations, Florian, for achieving Puzzle-It.

Also congratulations for making such a nice interactive puzzle with Hexa. For your visitors who might like to have an actual hands-on set of the 12 hexiamonds, my company makes a very nice lasercut set of acrylic pieces in a tray, under the name "Iamond Hex". You can see it on my website at Gamepuzzles. It is very difficult to solve figures using all 12 pieces.

It was very smart to make Hexa more friendly by having only 9 pieces or 5 pieces used at a time. Again, thank you, Florian, for giving the world so much solving pleasure.

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