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Hello everyone. Accidentally posted in the wrong place. I’m new to the site, and hoping to quench my thirst for some interesting puzzles. I’m a big fan of Kakuro’s (big ones) and Samurai Soduko. The biggest reason I’m back online (I usually do hard copy) is that I’ve been exploring the 3D and java applet Rubik’s Cubes. Why? I taught college computer applications a few years ago, Access, Excel, etc. It was the entire Microsoft Suite – beginner to advanced. Ever the taskmaster, I went outside the box on a lot of projects with competitive projects.
One of those was a Rubik’s Cube puzzle I created that required using a few different applications, and variables, and a lot of thought. It wasn’t Linux based or an applet, but because of my knowledge I was able to implement many of the characteristics that I have seen since I began researching these puzzles today.

When I created mine I didn’t look anything up, I simply put a cube in front of me and designed the project. It became very popular, beyond my classes and students, and I had a lot of people asking for it, and still asking for it, so I decided to see how they play out on line.I haven’t taught for a few years, but I now want to go back and improve upon my design because it has a different element from those that I’ve seen so far.

I’m not reinventing the wheel, just putting a different twist on it. Something that is still challenging, but not as technical as to scare away someone who’s not a computer geek or a rocket scientist. So I get to do some great puzzles AND I hopefully make a better puzzle than my original. Wish me luck!

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