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Hexa Puzzle - solve online the most original and addictive puzzle game


From the creators of Puzzle iT the most original and addictive puzzle game enters a new dimension of fun!

Hexa uses a puzzle set of twelve pieces and a game board which can be completely filled using only nine pieces. The pieces may be played with either face uppermost, and the different shapes are labeled from 1 to 12. The purpose of the puzzle is to fill the board with any nine pieces.

To solve Hexa Puzzle, just drag the pieces to the board. The pieces can be moved as follows:
• To rotate a piece keep pressed the X key while left-click the piece with the mouse.
• To flip a piece keep pressed the Z key while left-click the piece with the mouse.

Sounds easy, right? Yes but looks like more pieces are necessary :)

It will take logic and visual memory to find the right solutions.


Solve the puzzle as quick as possible! Thousands of combinations are possible.



it is very nice and interesting game i really enjoyed with it

Ardour is a real example of

Ardour is a real example of professional DAW.
Congratulations guys!

Until my third trial I still

Until my third trial I still can't solve it :( I guess I am not smart enough^^ but it's true, it's addictive! I want to try it again and again! Perhaps you should provide the Download Games version for this puzzle :)

Puzzle solving is an art

Puzzle solving is an art and a science which involves the organization of patience and perseverance, within the framework of simplistic logic influences, with a tab of intuitiveness and a slice of luck, for the purpose of effecting and augmenting creativity within an expressive matrix of imagination and three-dimensional spatial stimuli"

You are right, it's a

You are right, it's a addictive and fun, I like puzzle games in general but I never played these puzzle pieces. I find it very challenging.

Hexa puzzle very

Hexa puzzle very interesting, thanks.

Yes, it was...

hard for me to find the first solution but it's a good exercise for the mind and it's fun! Thanks for publishing this interactive puzzle!

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I am glad you like it

I am glad you like it ... and thanks for the comments.


Solving puzzles is life's greatest joy

Hello, puzzle lovers. I'm Kate Jones, president of Kadon Enterprises, Inc., creators of "gamepuzzles for the joy of thinking" since 1980.

I've had the great pleasure of meeting Dr. Florian Radut during a visit to Romania, when he was just starting out in the puzzle world. His enthusiasm for puzzles and his energy for creating an outstanding website devoted to puzzles were impressive. Congratulations, Florian, for achieving Puzzle-It.

Also congratulations for making such a nice interactive puzzle with Hexa. For your visitors who might like to have an actual hands-on set of the 12 hexiamonds, my company makes a very nice lasercut set of acrylic pieces in a tray, under the name "Iamond Hex". You can see it on my website at Gamepuzzles. It is very difficult to solve figures using all 12 pieces.

It was very smart of you to make Hexa more friendly by having only 9 pieces or 5 pieces used at a time. Again, thank you, Florian, for giving the world so much solving pleasure.

Kate Jones


Impossible is nothing.

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BTW, Ed Pegg has done a lot

BTW, Ed Pegg has done a lot of research regarding tesselations and the Hexa pieces known as "hexiamonds". I realy do not know who designed first those pieces but you can find more info in Ed Pegg's math website.

I have created a new game but have to pay credits to the clever mind who has the idea to split a hexagon in six triangles.

Good puzzling!


Very interesting website.

Very interesting website. Keep up the outstanding work and thank you. I love puzzle ))

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New Hexa Puzzle version

I invented Hexa and I just want to see if you are so sf (smart and fast) to solve this puzzle :) I do appreciate any positive or negative comments about this puzzle.

All you have to do is to place any nine pieces to the game board, no matter the piece face. You can rotate / flip the pieces acordingly with the instructions. Do not use the flip command for simmetric pieces ... just joking!

Be aware that there are many possible solutions and I want to know how many you can find. In order to let you send the solutins much easier, I mean without posting images, you can see Hexa explanation page. I will do my best to organize some kind of contest if you are interested.

kinda hard

..to solve it.

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