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Play Ping Pong

Ping-pong is an incredible game with an even more impressive AI (artificial intelligence).

Asteroid Blaster - Blast asteroids in this arcade game

Your mission is simple: Blast asteroids in this innovative arcade game from the makers of Hexa Puzzle. Watch out though! The alien ships are shooting at you too.

Tower of Hanoi DHTML Game

The Tower of Hanoi (also referred to as the Tower of Brahma) was invented by the French mathematician Edouard Lucas in 1883. He was inspired by a legend that tells of a Hindu temple where the pyramid puzzle was used for the mental discipline of young priests.


The objective of the game is to move a stack of disks from the left-most pole to the right-most in the least amount of moves, the catch being a smaller disk must always be stacked on top of a larger, and never the other way around. Depending on the number of disks, this can become very challenging.

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