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A new gadget

When it comes to making the choice as to what e-book reader is right for you, the first thing that many people realize is that there is a whole lot of choices. Which one to choose though really depends on what you are looking for in a device. Perhaps you would like the ability to store up to 3,500 e-books on one device or maybe you would like a reader whose batteries won't die before you are finished reading. Or perhaps you would like one that does not require you hooking it up to your computer every time you would like to add to your library.

need one puzzle

hy everyone!
i am seaching to buy one puzzle and i can't find it anywhere.
the puzzle is "creation of adam" made by Ravensburger ( 12.000 pieces)
if anyone can help me find it or has it pls let me know, i would be very greateful.
my email is ionel_pavel2004@yahoo.com
thank you!

SuDoku Mania TV Show - TV format, synopsis

More than a SuDoku puzzle.

SuDoku Mania Show


SuDoku Mania - Synopsis
Game show /puzzle
(2 x 30-45 minutes, prime time access)

The numbers game that is driving everybody mad has now all the ingredients for a successful game show. Six from the competitors who have sent the correct solution of the interactive puzzle shall try to win the big prize.

SuperBALL - TV Format, synopsis

Prizes for all!

SuperBALL Show


SuperBALL Show - Synopsis
Gambling show, interactive show with prizes
(1 x 90 minutes, prime time)

InfiniBALL Demo The show is based on a new concept originated back in the spring of 2005 "InfiniBALL" playable in Casinos as well as in special designated halls, on the Internet, but mostly as a lottery game or as a TV show. There is a certain number of balls in a certain number of colours that form lines by random draw, establishing the value of the prize.

Puzzle iT SMS - a funny quiz which can be played by SMS

"Puzzle iT SMS " is a very simple quiz which can be played by SMS (Short Messaging System) at any time and as many times as you wish. All you have to do is to solve as many anagrams as you can to have a chance of winning the big prize. Puzzle iT can be played by any GSM user, without any connecting fee or subscription.

The Last 2 TV Show - TV format, synopsis

Vulnerant Omnes, Ultima Necat!

The Last 2


The LAST 2 - Synopsis
Game show /puzzle
(5 x 25 minutes, prime time access)

Do you want to be a rich champion? Take part in this simple funny game, sit in the "champion's chair" - and remain there three times successively. The survivor gets a large cash prize. All you have to do is to find a word starting with the last two letters of the word found by the previous competitor.

Puzzle iT Show - TV format, synopsis

Here is the ultimate interactive TV game show.

Puzzle iT Show


PUZZLE iT SHOW - Synopsis
Game show /puzzle
(5 x 25 minutes, prime time access)

'Puzzle iT Show' is a very simple and effective game of perspicacity targeting all TV viewers. It is a daily, interactive game show involving 10 contestants who have qualified to take part by solving anagrams randomly shown on the TV screen during the day.

Mobile Content

Mobile content is any type of media formatted for mobile phones, like ringtones, graphics, games and movies.

TV Program Formats

A TV Program format is a license to produce and to broadcast a national version of a copyrighted foreign TV program and to use its name. Formats are a major part of the international television market.

The most common type of format is for game shows, many of which are remade in multiple markets with local contestants.

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