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3D Logic Games

The 3D logic games can be played by two or more players who place pieces, one by one, in ducts (holes), or on sticks, or directly on the game board in order to obtain horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines of the same color. The winner will be the player who makes the most such lines.

3D Puzzles - same volume and different shapes polyhedral pieces

Most of puzzles in this group comprise polyhedral pieces with the same volume but different shapes. If two pieces have the same shape then their color is not the same. The pieces are generated by cutting a regular polyhedron - such as a cube.

2D Puzzles generated using a tessellation of the plane

Many 2D Puzzles are generated using a tessellation of the plane.

The word "tessellate" means to form or arrange polygons in a checkered or mosaic pattern. It is derived from the Ionic version of the Greek word "tesseres", which in English means "four". The first tilings were made from square tiles.

A regular tessellation means a tessellation made up of identical regular polygons. Only three regular polygons completely tessellate (cover) the Euclidean plane: triangles, squares and hexagons.

A semiregular tessellation uses a variety of regular polygons. The arrangement of polygons at every vertex point is identical.

In tessellations (tilings) of the plane, mathematical methods can be often applied in helping to derive solutions. This collection of puzzles demonstrates this is not always true.

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