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Is it validly SuDoku if more than one solution?
This online-playable SuDoKu was recently generated/offered at www.puzzle.ro/en/sudoku but has 3 solutions as shown:
____83__1 426783951 247683951 247683951
95_2_1__4 957261384 956271384 958271364 <(6/8)
3___457_2 381945762 318945762 316945782 <(8/6)

__5___2__ 845319276 485319276 485319276
16__57__9 162857439 162857439 162857439
_9_4__815 793426815 793426815 793426815

_7_______ 574632198 674532198 674532198
______643 219578643 521798643 521798643
___1_4_2_ 638194527 839164527 839164527

According to Wikopedia regarding SuDoku:
(In constructing a puzzle) "it is possible to set starting grids with more than one solution (or none) but such are NOT considered proper Sudoku puzzles; as in most other pure-logic puzzles, a UNIQUE solution is expected."

Any puzzle published with an offered answer implies there's one winning solution, not three or maybe more..
IMO: It not only tarnishes the logic and fun, such unchecked anomalies by "official" publishers might even unwittingly deter interest in the game;
-- Reasoned that a given "puzzle" with 3000 or 300 or 30 solutions certainly wouldn't fire anyone's rockets, the popularity of a puzzle (ie: crossword puzzles) peaks only when reputably guaranteed to always have a single solution, not 3 nor even 2.

Solving vs. creating: Sudoku players want not to create solutions but to logically solve one. For instance a puzzle with only one or two initial entries would simply be a blank form for millions of player-created solutions, not much logic or fun. Clearly, the ultimate (and official) SuDoku puzzle would have sufficient inhibitors (initial entries) to eliminate player-created answers.


This SuDoko seems to be more

This SuDoko seems to be more and more interesting for gamers like me. How long does it usually take to construct a puzzle? How long does it take to find the solution fort the puzzle? There are a lot of questions on my mind. But I'll stick to these querries first until I get my answers.

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Elroy, I am impressed

Elroy, I am impressed you have noticed that and you are perfectly right. I am so concerned about the fact that our online application has generated a 3 solution Sudoku. Normaly our puzzles have unique solution.

Please, post here every bug you discover.


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