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Noughts and Crosses (Tic Tac Toe) DHTML Game - history and statistics

The History of Noughts and Crosses
(The history of Tic Tac Toe)

Noughts and Crosses is a game that has been played for several centuries - even if it's precise history seems unknown. The game has become known (perhaps more popularly) as Tic Tac Toe in American English.

It may be that the ancient Roman game of Terni Lapilli was an identical game although the evidence is somewhat mixed. It is certainly true that identical grids to the noughts and crosses grid have been found scratched and etched into surfaces all over the ancient Roman empire.

However not a single Nought or Cross has been found to confirm the link. It seems probable that Terni Lapilli was played with simple pieces and may have been played with the same rules.

Noughts and Crosses statistics
(Tic Tac Toe Statistics)

Considering the symmetry of the grid, there are 26,830 possible games of noughts and crosses - not bad for a three by three grid.

The player going first could potentially be faced by as many as 304 different non winning board positions in the first four moves.

project in school..

hi guys.... can someone help me with my project.... i want the codes of tic tac toe in C++ version.......... send it to me plz.......... and the flowchart also........... tnx guys send it to my email add plz ramver_revmar@yahoo.com

This is so amazing. I have

This is so amazing. I have always played that game eversince I was a kid. And I never really thought of asking where it originated from. Thanks to this article. Now I know where it came from.

Can I have a copy?

I'm doing a tic tac toe project in school. I was wondering if you could send yours to me with a copy of the code. I would like to compare codes, because in my class, we all use the same code and I would like to see how other methods work. If it is possible, my e-mail address is scuz890@yahoo.com

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You can download the demo

You can download the demo game here http://puzzle.ro/1/download/tictactoe.zip The zip file contains the js code, also. Have fun!

The file cannot be download,

The file cannot be download, could you send it to my email:handemail@gmail.com?

Is it possible to send me the game

I am currently working on a project and need alot of help on the tic tac toe game.

I am having difficulty with A.I stuff, could you please send me the game, also would it be possible to view the code. I am in the process of making a Computer vs Player Tic Tac Toe game.

My email address is psd_dulay@yahoo.co.uk


bjr tt le monde.
comment je peut telecharger le code source de cette game?

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Tic Tac Toe - DHTML Game

The Java application for Tic-Tac-Toe was initially written by Brian (wwe.scriptasylum.com/bgaudiodr/) and modified by Yossi Cohen (yossi@prosite.co.il).

If you win 10 times in a row, the programe would cheat, meaning it would take two turns in a row instead of one.

Maybe it is just a bug but better so ... just take a break, refresh the page and start all over again :)


how can i download it?

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I can send it to you

We do not have store/download at the moment but plan to launch those features in January.

I can send it to you by email. Just let me know.

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