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The Battle of Brains is on!!!!!!!!!

Kurukshetra 2010 - The Battle Of Brains
It all began with a small spark that grew with rapid intensity into a solid idea.Two score and eight months later that idea has metamorphosed and
transformed into a mega techno management festival – Kurukshetra. With over 15,000 participants from 40 colleges besides international participation, today Kurukshetra is a brand within itself, being the only student run organisation in Asia to be granted UNESCO's patronage.

Riddles of the Sphinx :

Love Mr.Page and Mr.Brin for their gift ? Have a natural flair for solving riddles and puzzles ? Feel like travelling around the world sitting in front
of your system ? If you had answered 'yes' to any of those questions, welcome to Riddles of the Sphinx , the official online webhunt of
Kurukshetra , the international techno-management fest of CEG,Anna University.This event is a virtual treasure hunt which consists of multiple levels of puzzles,riddles,brain-teasers and tests your googling skills.So what are you waiting for ? The hunt has already begun ! Put on your thinking cap,say "Hi" to Google and start hunting :


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