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Jacks Or Better Free Online Video Poker Tips and Strategy

Firstly you should always play with the maximum coin value so that you get the best return. Also keep in mind that the max coin bet you will get paid out is significantly much more (Jackpot) if you do hit a Royal Flush.

The chart below indicates the best strategy for holding and discarding cards for Jacks or Better Video Poker game:

Initial Hand: (Cards to Hold) - (Cards to Discard)

Royal Flush: (5) - (0)

Straight Flush: (5) - (0)

4 of a Kind: (4) - (1)

4 Card Royal Flush: (4) - (1)

Full House: (5) - (0)

Flush: (5) - (0)

3 of a Kind: (3) - (2)

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